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Welcome, Guest, to CJDesigns! Just Ask. We'll Help You! Please feel free to take a browse around.
If any questions/concerns, please contact CJDesigns ASAP!
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 Welcome to CJDesigns Forums!

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Welcome to CJDesigns Forums! Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to CJDesigns Forums!   Welcome to CJDesigns Forums! EmptyFri 09 Sep 2011, 6:13 pm

Welcome to CJDesigns! We would like to thank you for showing your interest into
seeing what we may be able to offer you! Please take some time to read about
CJDesigns and some other information that may be useful to you!

What is CJDesigns?
CJDesigns is a new hobby design center for people to browse around, talk to CJ,
and communicate with other affiliates if they choose to. It is also a place for CJ and
others to improve their design skills, take requests, and test forums out with newly
created test forums, websites, and such forth. Please remember that CJDesigns
is not a Professional, as he does this as a hobby. Each affiliate will have their own
section in our forum. They will have the ability to discuss the projects, and brainstorm
some ideas, and work together closely with CJDesigns. We want to make sure you are
happy with the results and the services that we provide! If you're happy, we are too!

What does CJDesigns do?
CJDesigns does many different types of designs and artworks depending on what
the requester wants. This may vary from simple flyers to a really nice looking web
design. We also can do designs for social networking sites like YouTube and Twitter!
Just tell us what type of project you're looking to do and we'll tell you if we're capable
of doing it for you!

We also can do HTML and CSS if some projects require to do so, but we don't know
everything! We're still on a learning curve here! However we know just enough to get
simple tasks done! When you set up a project with us, and if it requires coding, we will
let you know if we're capable of doing that kind of coding project. If we cannot do your
coding project, we will help you look for a professional web coder. It's just better if you
get it done the right way by a professional and not have us go through all of the stress!

How to Contact CJ?
You can contact CJ by sending him an email by clicking 'Contact' in the navigation on
the top of this website. Fill in the required information along with your questions or
concerns, and/or a request that you may have. Please note that if you use the 'Contact'
option, your email address must be valid and the address you use/check often. CJ will
often reply within the 48 hours. It will vary, but it shouldn't take longer than 48 hours.
If it does, we will apologize!

If I have a design of my own, and would like to share with my affiliate, is it possible?
Yes, it is possible. If you are with an affiliate, you can talk to me and the affiliate owner
first before signing up. Once you sign up, you will be connected to the correct affiliate
group and then you will have the opportunity to discuss different topics and share your
ideas and works with the affiliate group that you are with.

How to Register?
In the navigation menu at the top of our website, click on Register, a new page will be
displayed. Fill in the desired User Name and the Password you will use during your visits.
If you have lost or forgotten your password, please contact CJ as soon as possible for help!

How to manage my account?
You can manage your account by clicking 'Profile' in the top navigation menu. You
can customize your profile and settings to satisfy you! Please do read the Rulebook
of CJDesigns and make sure you are not crossing the line. Punishments will not be
taken lightly.

If you have any questions or concerns at all, feel free to contact CJ at any time.

Thank You!
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Welcome to CJDesigns Forums!
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